Of the many sign companies you can choose to handle your next order,
why select Infinity Communications Group?

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It’s a question we have to ask ourselves regularly, because we know that you’ll be doing the same. There’s a lot riding on your selection – money, peace of mind, and results, among other things.

Since the chore of picking a company to create your new signage may actually be more difficult than choosing the designs and materials, Infinity Communications Group wants to assist you with that process – putting you at ease. Where can you begin? Internet searches may help, but they can still only present choices. It all boils down to a few basic criteria. Who to trust, who has the capabilities, and who will be a good fit in terms of an ongoing business relationship.

Credibility, competence, location, competitive pricing, and solid human relations skills. These summarize what Infinity Communications Group believes will be (and should be) the essential considerations of your deliberation. Infinity Communications Group thanks you for considering us in your search process. As you make your way through the pages in this site, we hope questions concerning trustworthiness, capability, and value will be answered to your satisfaction. However, we also recognize that not all questions can be addressed in the absence of human interaction. We invite you to call us, or to email your questions or the specifications for your next project. By doing so, we’ll have the opportunity to become better acquainted with each other, and to determine how we can best work together.

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When you call or write Infinity Communications Group, please make it a point to describe how you first learned of us. Maybe you were given our name or web address by a friend who recommended that you contact us. We receive many such referrals every year, and view them each as “ passing grades on our business success exam”. Without these referrals from satisfied customers we truly would “fail” business. We hope that someday we’ll hear from a prospective client who was referred to us by you. Of course, it’s equally likely that you’ve seen one of our ads or perhaps received a promotional flyer from us. Knowing this help us to fine-tune our advertising so that it is most effective. Since effective advertising helps to keep costs controlled, this information ultimately benefits all our customers.

We are not everyone’s sign and decal company for several reasons.

For one, we aren’t large and therefore can’t boast of having “satisfied customers on several continents”.


By the way the sign is just awesome. It’s keeping my name out there and my numbers for the year are really looking good. Fellow agents are having a very rough time in this market but we are having very positive results.

Image and visibility are so important in any economic climate. I am very happy with my purchase. The public service type announcements that run generate a lot of goodwill which leads to sales down the road.

Great Insurance Group
Gurnee, IL

I would like to say that I was very happy with the associates in your company I dealt with.
They were very professional and helpful…We have recommended your company to other CPCC plants and we look forward to ordering another message board sometime this month.

Chevron Philips
Berwyn, IL

We are extremely happy with our sign. It is absolutely perfect! I would rate your company a 10. You have been extremely patient considering
the circumstances. And, (Project Management) has been great!

Unity Church

I’ve got a complaint about the banner. We’re all staring at it. We can’t stop staring. We can’t stop programming. We can’t stop playing with this thing. Thank you so much. This thing is unbelievable!

Rickover Naval High School
Chicago, IL

I would definitely recommend Infinity and I will do so whenever I have the chance. We knew when we ordered these message boards that it would be tight to get them here and installed in time for homecoming and you delivered.

Brian was good to communicate with and we never have had any trouble getting in touch with someone who knew what was going on.

I also thank you for the value. One of your large competitors actually established the budget for this project and then their price went up significantly when it came time to purchase the units. As a result, we ended up soliciting prices from many different suppliers. With Infinity, Harding University was able to install full color message centers with great graphics capabilities for about the same price that others wanted for single color units with significantly fewer capabilities.

Harding University

I would rate the service as a 10. I searched the web for LED signs & because of your great customer service & great price, I went with you guys. It’s amazing how hard it is to get someone from these other sign companies to call you back!

Mike Steelman, AIA
Steelman Connell Moseley Architects P.A.
Basile State Bank
St. Charles, IL

I can only say thanks for such a wonderful experience with your company. It is hard to believe that we conducted almost all of our business by phone & e-mail and to receive the professional, courteous, and timely service was more than we ever expected. All businesses should take lessons from you.

Thanks for all you have done to help us.

Thank you for your help!
Kim LeBleu
Hilltop Family Church
Springtown, TX